Our partners

Our partners

French tech is the ecosystem that promotes national companies focused on technology. SERINITI is a member since 2017.

Since 2012, CreaNico accompanies us on the development of our web solutions and their visibility on search engines.

Senesco Care facilitates access to care via a digital interface and preferential prices, negotiated with market players

Digital Seniors offers the "Seniors Tab" tablet. Intuitive, it allows to stay healthy thanks to the stimulation games developed by Dynseo.

Leader of the Grand Dax and the Landes, the Thermes Addour group promotes thermal medicine on a human scale. Its 6 centers offer a fluid and relaxing experience.

Groopiz is the reference platform for those who wish to go on vacation, next door or at the end of the world, alone or in a group.

The Automobile Club Médical de France is the life facilitator for health professionals. It offers negotiated prices from a large network of partners.

Kestrel Medical Center is an ENT clinic located in Mauritius. It is specialized in ENT pathologies, cervico-facial surgery and vertigo.

With a network of 74 franchisees, Distri Club Medical is the national reference for the purchase or rental of all medical equipment.

Since 2019, L'Opticien qui Bouge and SERINITI have been democratizing access to optical and hearing care, at home, including in isolated regions.

Granny & Charly fights against loneliness by putting students and seniors in touch with each other for a trusting accompaniment.

Happy Silvers is the reference blog for young people over 50, their families, caregivers and health professionals in the French overseas departments and territories.

APDI-Villefranche is a blog dedicated to freediving and diving. Written by an enthusiast, it resonates with our ENT articles on the diver in immersion.

VFGA is an informative blog dedicated to Seniors, covering various topics : insurance, employment, finance, Hi-Tech, home, lifestyle, funerals, retirement, health, shopping.

Rencontre Malentendant is a dating site that brings together people who speak sign language and/or lip-reading, in a friendly, professional or romantic context.  

forEstime is a french clothing brand, which offers clothes that are easy to wear for independent people and clothes designed to make dressing easier by the nursing staff. The pleasure of being chic has no age !