Maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and repairs

The most common reasons for a hearing aid to malfunction are poor maintenance and poor handling of the device. To avoid these problems, we recommend that you carefully read the user manual and the care instructions that came with your Orison hearing aid (also available here) before using it. In case of malfunctions, please refer to the solutions below. If the problem is not listed or persists, contact your customer service representative for a solution.

The whistling sound of the hearing instrument can be the result of one of the following 4 situations :

1 - The size of the silicon eartip is not adapted to the size of your ear canal.

Too small or too large, the silicone eartip does not ensure the occlusion of the ear canal, i.e. the strict separation between the sound inlet (the microphone, which picks up sound from the auricle and is located on the front of the hearing aid) and the sound outlet (the vent hole, which returns the sound to the ear canal and is located under the silicone earmold). In this situation, the outgoing sound is picked up by the microphone, which transmits it back to the receiver in an endless loop until it reaches the limits of the hearing aid. This is called acoustic feedback.

  • Solution : Change the eartip size and make sure your ear canal is fully occluded.
2 - The hearing aid is incorrectly positioned in your ear canal.

This causes a similar situation to the one above : the incorrectly positioned eartip does not separate the input and output of sound, which creates acoustic feedback. Incorrect position of the hearing aid in the ear canal may be due to an incorrect choice of eartip size or a poor grip on the hearing instrument.

  • Solution: Change the eartip size so that it fits properly in the ear canal. Take the time to get used to your hearing aid, as you would do with contact lenses.
3 - An obstructive wax blockage prevents the hearing aid from working properly.

An obstructive earwax blockage causes a similar situation to the two above : amplified sound exits the hearing aid, ricochets off the blockage, and returns to the hearing aid in an endless loop until it reaches the limits of the device.

  • Solution : consult an ENT doctor who will remove the earwax plug. This removal should also help you hear much better!
4 - Your hand, phone or other object is blocking the entrance to your ear.

Your hand, phone or any other object, which is placed at the entrance of your ear canal and stuck to your ear, would cause a situation similar to the previous cases.

  • Solution : Make sure to remove your hand, phone or other object from your ear to avoid obstruction.

Some people complain of hearing a "resonance", others do not. This type of feeling is quite normal with an in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid because, by its very nature, it is slipped into the ear, which is a sounding board (the principle of the shell that you stick on your ear to hear the sea). For complainants, the adjustment may take a few days, rarely more. 

When the battery is low, your Orison hearing aid will alert you with regular beeps.

  • Solution : Change the battery.

Weak, distant or no amplification can be the result of one of the following 3 situations :

1 - Your battery is low.

If the battery is low, your hearing aid will inform you with regular beeps. If dust or earwax is blocking the sound outlet (vent hole), these regular beeps may not be audible either.

  • Solution : Replace the weak or old battery with a new one.
2 - Dust or earwax is blocking the vent hole.

With every use, an ITE hearing instrument is subject to moisture in the ear canal and wax build-up on the silicone eartip and the vent hole (sound outlet). Therefore, it is necessary to read the care instructions that came with your hearing device and to ensure that Orison is cleaned after each use.

  • Solution : Remove the silicone eartip and scrub the tip with the dedicated brush. If necessary, replace the silicone tip with a new one. Scrub the vent hole with the brush and re-adjust the silicone eartip over the vent hole : the hearing instrument should work normally again. If this is not the case, remove the wax protection grid that protects the vent hole and replace it with a new one.
3 - Your hearing instrument is damp or wet.

Your Orison hearing instrument is not waterproof. If it has been exposed to water, it may stop working.

  • Solution : Open the battery compartment, remove the battery. Remove the silicone tip. Remove the wax protection grid also. Then let your hearing instrument dry for 24 to 48 hours in a dry place away from sunlight and moisture. If your hearing aid still does not work after this time, please contact our customer service department.

A 10A battery will last for 5-6 days of daily use of your Orison hearing aid. If you find that the battery needs to be changed more than once a week, it means that your hearing aid is using too much power, which can be the result of one of the following 3 situations :

1 - The hearing instrument is ON when not in use.

There is no need to leave your hearing instrument ON when it is not in use : this results in unnecessary battery consumption.

  • Solution : When you are not using your hearing aid, turn it OFF by opening the battery compartment and store it in its dedicated box, to limit the interaction between the battery (zinc air) and the ambient air, contributing to the discharge.
2 - Dust or earwax is blocking the vent hole.

If dust, dirt or earwax gets on the vent hole due to improper maintenance of the hearing aid, the vent hole is blocked and Orison will have difficulty reproducing amplified sound. This can lead to excessive energy consumption.

  • Solution : Clean your hearing aid after each use and make sure you take care of it regularly.
3 - Your hearing aid is not positioned properly in the ear.

If the Orison hearing aid is not positioned correctly, it will whistle and consume a lot of energy, while your hearing comfort will be reduced by acoustic feedback.

  • Solution : Change the size of the eartip so that it fits snugly in the ear canal. Take the time to get used to your hearing aid, as you would with contact lenses.

Your hearing aid is covered by the legal guarantees (hidden defects, lack of conformity) for 2 years. After purchasing an Orison hearing aid, you have 60 days to subscribe to our extended warranty offers. Outside of the legal warranty, if your Orison hearing aid has suffered physical damage, we can repair or replace it. This can be done as part of your extended warranty or outside of it. You can find the prices for the different repairs here. If you would like to return your Orison hearing aid to us as part of your extended warranty, please contact us and we will arrange shipping.


The volume control is pushed in or disassociated135€0€
The microphone is pushed in or disassociated135€0€
The external front panel is dissociated155€0€
The vent hole is dissociated155€0€
The battery door is dissociated155€0€
The battery is blocked in the hearing aid100€0€
Change of the wax grid45€0€
Damage caused by water or liquid299€0€