User manual CIC ORISON

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The ORISON CIC hearing aid was designed in collaboration with ENT doctors and developed by specialized engineers. Its performance is guaranteed by the use of selected components, strict production control and rigorous quality tests. The ORISON hearing aid complies with CE standard and carries the CE label.

General characteristics

The ORISON CIC hearing aid provides immediate listening comfort for people experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss. Its Completely-In-the-canal (CIC) position allows it to :

  • Be almost invisible ;
  • Use the natural amplification and spatialization capacities of the auricle.

Thanks to its different silicone eartips, ORISON fits all types of ear canals. ORISON is simple and intuitive to use. ORISON is available without a medical prescription.

Content of a box

A box of ORISON CIC hearing aid contains :

  • 1 ORISON hearing aid (RIGHT or LEFT)
  • 1 start-up 10A Rayovac battery, for immediate use
  • 1 anti-shock storage box
  • 3 CONE silicone eartips in different sizes (1xS, 1xM, 1xL) for an immediate adaptation to the ear canal
  • 3 TULIPE silicone eartips in different sizes (1xS, 1xM, 1xL) for an immediate adaptation to the ear canal
  • 5 wax-guards + 1 insertion tool
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 user manual (FR / ES / EN / IT / PT / DE / PL / NL)
  • 1 care manual (FR / ES / EN / IT / PT / DE / PL / NL)

Technical characteristics

Pre-configuration :
  • 12 frequency channels
  • Frequency range : 200Hz to 8000Hz
Smart sound processing system :
  • Digital technology
  • HD Crystal Clear© processor
  • Voice amplification : 10dB to 33dB
  • Automatic ambient noise reduction : 13dB
More :
  • Anti-Larsen system
  • Sound processing delay < 0,8ms
  • Sound distortion < 0,2%
  • Low battery indicator
  • CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485

Configuration chart

A : Sound outlet, covered by the "CONE" silicone eartip

B : Vent hole with wax guard

C : Part of the shell that fits into the ear canal

D : Battery compartment, rotation upwards

E : Microphone

F : Volume control with turning wheel

G : Removal (pull-out) string

STEP 1 : Inserting the battery into your ORISON hearing aid

The ORISON hearing aid is powered by a 10A battery. A battery is provided with the initial purchase of an ORISON hearing aid for immediate use.

Inserting the battery into the ORISON hearing aid :

Open the battery compartment by holding the hearing aid between your fingers and gently swing the battery door upwards. Fully open the battery compartment but not force it. Remove the sticker from the new battery. Place the battery into the empty compartment. There is only one way to insert the battery : sticker up.

Turning ORISON on / off :
  • Turn ORISON on : close the battery door ;
  • Turn ORISON off : open the battery door.

STEP 2 : Fitting the silicone eartip on ORISON

The ORISON hearing aid comes with 2 different types of eartips : the "CONE" and the "TULIPE". Each type is supplied in 3 different sizes : S (small), M (medium) and L (large). These eartips are exclusively designed for the OIRSON CIC hearing aid and will not fit other hearing aids. The silicone eartip has a triple role :

  1. It completely seals the ear canal, to avoid whistling (feedback) ;
  2. It ensures ORISON remains in the ear canal ;
  3. It ensure comfort during use, thanks to the flexibility of the silicone.

The CONE eartip

More rigid than the TULIPE eartip, its dome is closed and its handling is very simple. It is easily clipped onto the ORISON hearing aid. The CONE eartip is suitable for most ear canals. It allows you to quickly avoid whistling (feedback), even when you have not yet fully mastered the placement of ORISON in the ear canal.

The TULIPE eartip

Particularly flexible, with an open dome, the TULIPE eartip requires a good handle of the ORISON hearing aid. The TULIPE eartip ensures great comfort during use, thanks to the extra-flexibility of the silicone. It is particularly suitable for atypical ear canals (very small or angled).

Fitting the eartip (CONE or TULIPE) on the ORISON CIC hearing aid :

Choose the type and size (CONE or TULIPE / S, M or L) that suits your ear canal. If the size does not fit your ear canal, the occlusion will not be perfect and the passing air will be amplified, causing a whistling sound. If necessary, carry out several tests with each silicone eartip.

  • To fit the silicone eartip to the device : Hold ORISON between your fingers, position the eartip on the top of the vent hole and gently push the eartip until it fits over the vent hole.
  • To remove the eartip : Hold ORISON between your fingers and gently pull the eartip to separate it from the vent hole.

STEP 3 : Inserting the Orison CIC hearing aid into your ear canal

ORISON is available in red for the right ear, in blue for the left ear. Be sure to insert the right device in the appropriate ear canal.

CIC device can be perceived as an "intrusive" device

The difference between a CIC hearing aid and a BTE hearing aid is, among other things, this. A BTE hearing aid can be compared to a pair of glasses (which fit over the nose and ears) whereas a CIC hearing aid can be compared to a contact lens (which fits directly over the eye). Contact lenses are an "intrusive" device, just like the intra-canal hearing aid. This reality sometimes causes difficulties when placing the hearing aid in the ear. This is why we encourage our users to take the time to handle their hearing aid and to use it alone. This handle can be immediate or take few minutes. It's OK. In reality, it is relatively simple. Don't be afraid to put the hearing aid in your ear canal :

  • The silicone eartip prevents any risk of irritation or injury ;
  • As the ear canal narrows, the hearing aid will naturally stop in the ear canal ;
  • The further the hearing aid is inserted into your ear canal, the better you will hear (role of the eartip size).
Inserting the RIGHT ORISON (red) into the RIGHT ear :

To insert the right ORISON hearing aid into the right ear :

  • Hold the device with your right hand, between your thumb and index finger, with the microphone on top and the pull-out string on the bottom ;
  • Place the canal part of the hearing aid into the ear canal ;
  • Gently pull your earlobe down (or your pinna up, as you prefer) with the other hand, while pushing ORISON in, up to the natural stop, when it feels secure and comforable.

Inserting ORISON LEFT (blue) into the LEFT ear :

To insert the left ORISON hearing instrument into the left ear :

  • Hold the device with your left hand, between your thumb and index finger, with the microphone on top and the pull-out string on the bottom ;
  • Place the canal part of the hearing aid into the ear canal ;
  • Gently pull your earlobe down (or your pinna up, as you prefer) with the other hand, while pushing ORISON in, up to the natural stop, when it feels secure and comforable.
Whistling (feedback) when inserting the hearing instrument into the ear :

Whistling, throughout the intoduction, is normal : it stops as soon as ORISON is fully and correctly inserted. If the whistling bothers you, leave the battery door open during insertion (ORISON is then switched off and cannot whistle) and close it when ORISON is installed. If the whistling persists, it may be due to :

  • Inappropriate size of eartip : change it ;
  • The presence of a plug of earwax in your ear canal : consult an ENT doctor to remove it.

To remove ORISON from your ear canal, gently pull on removal (pull-out) string.

STEP 4 : Changing the amplification volume of the ORISON CIC hearing aid

At the minimum (10dB), the volume wheel locks and cannot "go any further". It is the same at maximum (33dB). Do not force the wheel on these 2 volume levels, you could damage your hearing aid.

Changing the volume :

The ORISON hearing aid amplifies sounds from 10dB to 33dB and automatically reduces ambient noise by 13dB. Initially, the volume is set to the minimum (10dB). Adjust the volume with the metal part of the supplied brush. Position the metal part in the groove located on the volume control :

  • Increase the volume : From left to right (up to 33dB max.) ;
  • Decrease the volume : From right to left (down to 10dB min.).

Care instructions

Two great enemies of the CIC hearing aid : earwax and moisture

Because of its in-the-ear position, ORISON is subject to moisture and wax, which are naturally present in the ear canal. It is essential that you take special care of your hearing aid. When you are not using ORISON:

  • Open the battery door, to allow any moisture to drain away ;
  • Store ORISON in its shockproof box and close the box, to protect ORISON from any dust deposits.

Clean the ORISON hearing aid after each use

During use, earwax is deposited on the hearing aid and the silicone eartip. The sound outlet (vent hole) is located under the eartip and the accumulation of earwax on this part may prevent the device from working properly. To avoid this :

  • Clean ORISON with a dry cloth, to remove duct microorganisms ;
  • Remove the eartip and scrub the vent hole with the brush or a dry cloth to remove earwax deposits. Do not get the vent hole wet, as this may damage the hearing instrument ;
  • Scrub the eartip with the brush. If you do get it wet, make sure it is completely dry before attaching it to the hearing aid.

Changing the wax guard

If you notice a lack of amplification, even with a new battery, then the vent hole is blocked by some earwax deposits. Even if it is invisible to the eye, this deposit simply prevents sound from leaving the hearing aid. Replace the wax guard with a new one. To do this, take the 5 wax guard cart and the orange tool and follow the steps below.

  • Remove the old wax guard : Insert the tip of the orange tool into the vent hole and remove the wax guard by pulling the tool downwards ;
  • Insert a new wax guard : Take a new wax guard from the cart, position it on the tip of the tool and insert it into the vent hole by pushing the tool up.

Keep your ear canals clean

Healthy ears produce a waxy substance that can clog your hearing aid. Large wax build-ups can affect the sound quality and cause whisthling. Repeated use of a CIC hearing aid can lead to wax build-ups in the ear canal. This buildups can :

  • Become a wax plug and, by occluding the ear canal, cause a whistling sound when using ORISON. Consult an ENT doctor to remove the earwax plug ;
  • Settle on various parts of the hearing aid and cause malfunction and/or affect the quality of sound reproduction. Make sure your ear canals are kept clean and pay attention to the care of ORISON.

General warnings and safety information


The ORISON CIC hearing aid is not waterproof. Remove it before :

  • Taking a shower or going swimming ;
  • Applying aftershave, hairspray, oils, perfume, mosquito repellent, lotions, etc.

If ORISON is exposed to such a product, allow it to dry before turning it ON. Never attempt to dry ORISON with a hair dryer or microwave oven.


When you are not using ORISON, turn it OFF and store it in its shock-resistant case.

Extreme temperature

Do not expose your hearing aid to extreme or prolonged temperatures, ldo not eave it under the sun, in your car, near a radiator, etc.


Do not bump your hearing aids against each other, do not bang them against a hard surface, it could damage them.

  • Hearing aids won't restore normal hearing or prevent hearing loss from organic conditions ;
  • Never allow others to wear your hearing aids ;
  • Keep your hearing aids, parts and batteries out of the reach of anyone who might swallow these items. Never put your hearing device or batteries in your mouth. If a battery or hearing device is swallowed, see immediately a doctor ;
  • Discard batteries safely ;
  • Do not wear your hearing aids during X-rays, scans, MRI or other similar imaging procedures.