2 rechargeable batteries p10 Accu + Power One pocket charger

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PACK containing 2 Power One p10 Accu+ batteries (for CIC hearing aids) and the dedicated pocketcharger Power One / VARTA. The p10 Accu+ batteries are suitable for all CIC hearing aids, preset or not, regardless the brand or the manufacturer. The pocket charger comes with 3 compartments for charging p10 Accu+ batteries as well as p13 and p312 Accu+ batteries (for BTE hearing aids). The charger also comes with 4 international plug adapters.

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2 p10 Accu+ rechargeable batteries

Power One's yellow p10 accu + batteries are rechargeable batteries for CIC hearing aids. They are suitable for all the CIC hearing aids type, whether they are pre-configured or not. Power One's p10 Accu+ batteries are ideal for the ORISON invisible hearing aid. These rechargeable batteries can only be charged with the Power One Accu+ pocket charger.

Pocket charger for rechargeable batteries

Thanks to its small and flat format, the Power One - VARTA charger is practical, light and can be carried everywhere. It comes with 4 international plug adapters.

The pocket charger can charge up to 2 Power One Accu+ batteries at the same time
It comes with 3 different compartments, allowing the charging of the batteries :

  • Power One p10 Accu+ (batteries for CIC hearing aids, included) ;
  • Power One p312 Accu+ (batteries for BTE hearing aids) ;
  • Power One p13 Accu+.

Power is provided by a VARTA EasyPack rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

• Charging time : 2 to 3 hours
• Autonomy : up to 3 days

Content of the pack :

  • 2 p10 Accu+ yellow batteries Power One 
  • 1 x battery charger Power One pocketcharger
  • 1 x set battery compartment cartridge, respectively for the sizes 13, 312 and 10, with color coding
  • 1 x supply battery VARTA lithium polymer Easy pack
  • 1 x connecting cable connection battery charger / electricity source for the supply battery
  • 1 x mains adapter with USB interface for connecting cable
  • 1 x set plug attachments for mains adapter with 4 different international connections
  • 1 user manual (FR / EN / DE / NL / ES / PT / IT / RUS / JP / ARAB)

Getting started


  • Reference 2 piles p10 Accu+ et chargeur de poche Power One
  • Condition New product


  • Battery reference p10 Power One battery - VARTA
  • Nominal voltage 1.45 Volts
  • Operating voltage 1,20 Volts
  • Type Pocket charger
  • Technology Rechargeable batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries p10 Accu; p13 Accu; p312 Accu
  • Brand Power One - VARTA
  • Length 86mm
  • Width 55mm
  • Height 11mm
  • Weight 41g

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