Mini BTE - AZUR, rechargeable hearing aid for both ears

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AZUR is a digital and rechargeable mini-BTE (Behind-The-Ear) hearing aid, sold in bilateral fitting (RIGHT and LEFT ears). It was designed in collaboration with ENT doctors to compensate for presbycusis, a hearing loss linked to the natural agieng of the ear. AZUR provides immediate listening comfort for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. Positioned behind the ear, AZUR is a hearing solution designed for people with reduced manual dexterity and / or for people with atypical ear canals that do not allow the use of a CIC hearing aid. AZUR is simple and intuitive to use. AZUR is available over-the-counter and CE certified.

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Product details

20-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied

The AZUR rechargeable mini-BTE hearing aid is available over the counter and CE certified. Any purchase of an AZUR hearing aid on this site is "Satisfied or Refunded" for 20 days : consult the details of the offer in our Terms and Conditions of Sale. To learn more about the reimbursement of AZUR by the Social Security and some insurance companies (France) : consult this page.

Technical specifications


  • Digital, rechargeable mini-BTE
  • Full charge time : 4 to 5 hours
  • Battery autonomy : 16 to 20 hours
  • Specificity : The hearing aids can be recharged up to 5 times when stored in their recharged case.


    • Compensates for presbycusis
    • 12 frequency channels
    • Frequency range : 200Hz - 8000Hz


    • Voice amplification : From 12dB to 36dB
    • Automatic ambient noise reduction : 12dB
    • Sudden noise reduction : Level 5
    • Wind noise reduction : Level 3


    • Program 1 : Classic
    • Program 2 : Noisy environment
    • Program 3 : Quiet environment

    OTHER :

    • Feed-back cancellation system
    • Sound procesing delay : 87ms
    • Sound distortion < 0,3%
    • Low battery indicator

    The BTE AZUR, an alternative to the CIC ORISON

    For their own reasons - reduced manual dexterity, shoulder mobility problems, very small or very large ear canals, rejection of a device considered "intrusive", desire for a rechargeable hearing aid - some people cannot or do not wish to go for an Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC) hearing aid such as ORISON and therefore turn to a Behind-The-Ear (BTE) type. For these people, we have designed the AZUR rechargeable mini-BTE.

    AZUR uses the same technical performance specifications as ORISON - which have proven themselves over many years - as well as the same electronic components and is equipped with specific features that are essential for BTEs :

    • 3 amplification programs to be adapted according to the sound environment (classic, noisy, quiet) ;
    • An active reduction of the sudden noises (level 5) ;
    • An active reduction of wind noise (level 3).

    We have designed AZUR with the same rigor, the same performance criteria and the same search for aesthetic, practical and qualitative comfort as ORISON, so that the user does not have to choose between technical characteristics but between a type of hearing aid (CIC or BTE) - according to his or her preferences - because, in the end, it is the user who will wear the hearing aid every day.


    Further infos :

    AZUR provides immediate listening comfort

    Designed with the same objective as the ORISON CIC hearing aid, AZUR is an easy-to-use and ready-to-ear digital hearing aid, finely pre-configured to the hearing frequencies damaged by the natural ageing of the ear, called presbycusis. To compensate for this characteristic hearing loss and provide users with real listening comfort, AZUR boosts voices from 12dB to 36dB according to users'needs and automatically reduces ambient noise by 12dB, thus clarifying the sound environment, by amplifying the essential.


    Further infos :

    AZUR, the mini-BTE rechargeable

    By its nature, the digital, instant-fit, mini-BTE AZUR is larger than the CIC ORISON, which allows it to incorporate rechargeable technology. With a full charge of 5 hours, our AZUR mini-BTEs have 15 to 20 hours of autonomy and can be recharged up to 5 times, when stored in their previously charged case.

    Contents of a box of AZUR hearing aids :

    • 1 rechargeable mini-BTE AZUR for the RIGHT ear
    • 1 rechargeable mini-BTE AZUR for the LEFT ear
    • 1 rechargeable storage box
    • 6 silicone eartips for an immediate adaptation (2 x S ; 2 x M ; 2 x L)
    • 1 USB cable for the charge
    • 1 cleaning brush
    • 1 cleaning wire
    • 1 user and care manual (also available on this page)

    Note : To recharge AZUR, a USB plug adapter is required and not supplied.

    Choose serenity !

    Discover our Sérénité warranty offers for your AZUR or your ORISON hearing aids !

    • Sérénité 1.1 warranty

    The Sérénité 1.1 warranty covers any accidental damage to your AZUR or ORISON hearing aid, for one year from the date of purchase. We replace your damaged hearing aid with a new one and deliver it for free, wherever you are !
    Discover the offer.

    • Sérénité 1.2 warranty

    The Sérénité 1.2 warranty covers, for one year from the date of purchase, two accidental damages on your AZUR or ORISON hearing aid(s). We will replace your hearing aid(s) up to two times with a new hearing aid(s) and send it/them to you for free, wherever you are !
    Discover the offer.

    Further infos :


    • Reference Mini contour d'oreille numérique rechargeable - AZUR

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