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Orison is a digital instant-fit CIC hearing aid, available in blue for the left ear. Save 14€ with this pack which includes 1 Orison CIC hearing aid for the left ear + 60 Rayovac 10A batteries and provides 1 year of daily use of Orison. Designed by ENT doctors to compensate for age-related hearing loss (presbycusis), Orison includes a digital Crystal Clear© processor, smart sound processing system and active ambient noise reduction. The Orison CIC hearing aid allows an immediate listening confort in all sound environments. Ready-to-use. Satisfied or 20-day money-back guarantee. CE. No medical prescription needed (OTC).

Sérénité 1.1

[ 1 year, 1 break ] Orison is broken ? We replace it with a new one, delivered wherever you are !

Sérénité 1.1
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Product details

Satisfied or 20-days money-back guarantee​

The Orison Completely-in-The-Canal (CIC) hearing aid is available without medical prescription (OTC). Orison is "Satisfied or 20-days money-back guarantee" : consult the details of the offer. Some insurance companies cover Orison : to find out how your Orison hearing aid is covered, consult this page (France).

* French Tech corporation

* Designed with ENT doctors

Web exclusivity

This offer is only available on our website. It offers serenity and allows you to use your device each day for a year. Save 14€ on your annual battery purchase by choosing this pack. 

Technical specifications

  • CIC hearing aid - Left ear
  • Instant-fit, Ready to use
  • Digital technology
  • HD Crystal Clear© processor
  • Smart processing sound system
  • 12 channels bands
  • Frequencies range : 200Hz to 8000Hz
  • Sound processing delay < 0.8ms
  • Sound distortion <  0.2%
  • Voice amplification : from 10dB to 33dB
  • Active ambient noise reduction : 13dB
  • Feed-back cancellation system
  • Powered by a 10A battery
  • Low battery indicator : beep sound
  • Daily use
  • Fits all types of ear canal
  • Standards : CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485
  • Satisfied or Refunded 
  • 2 years legal warranty

The Orison hearing aid compensates for presbycusis

The digital, instant-fit, Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC) Orison hearing aid is exclusively designed to compensate for presbycusis, the age-related hearing loss. Presbycusis concerns 88% of global hearing problems and represents 95% of the recommendations for hearing aids from ENT doctors. Orison is available without medical prescription (over the counter hearing aid). If you have an audiogrammake sure that your audiometric curve is in the green area, which includes all hearing losses compensated by Orison. 


Orison provides immediate listening comfort

The Orison invisible hearing aid enables clear speech-understanding in all sound environments, thanks to its smart sound processing system and an active noise reduction function. By amplifying voices up to 33dB and simultaneously reducing background noise by 13dB, Orison boosts the essentials and provides immediate listening comfort. Thanks to the volume control, the user can adjust the global amplification from 10dB to 33dB. The handling is simple and intuitive, easy and ready to use. 

The CIC hearing aid, acoustic reference solution

Numerous studies have shown that the CICposition of a hearing aid provides a better experience for users, allowing discretion (almost invisible) and a clear and natural sound reproduction1.

• Invisible : only you will know that you are wearing Orison !

Slipped into the ear canal, the Orison hearing aid is invisible and meets the aesthetic requirements of millions of people. Whether you have short hair or wear glasses, Orison will not interfere and only you will know you are wearing it. Thanks to its silicone eartips system with different sizes, Orison fits all ear canals and is very comfortable to wear.

• Uses the ear as an anatomical amplifier

Because of its Completely-in-The-Canal (CIC) position, Orison uses the ear, anatomical amplifier. The advantages are numerous :

  • Three-dimensional localization of speech, thanks to the pinna, which captures and spatializes sounds ;
  • No amplification of parasitic noises, such as wind noise, since the microphone is protected by the ear canal2 ;
  • Instantaneous sound reproduction, thanks to the proximity with the eardrum ;
  • Natural hearing and excellent user feedback.

  1. Ebinger K.A., Mueller G.H., Holland S.A. & Holland J.W.
    Assessing the speech-understanding benefit from CIC hearing aids
    The Hearing Journal, 47(11), 35-42

  2. Best V., Kalluri S., McLachlan S., Valentine S., Edwards B. & Carlile S.
    A comparison of CIC and BTE hearing aids for three-dimensional localization of speech
    International Journal of Audiology, Early Online, 1-10

Pack content for a LEFT ear Orison + 60 batteries

  • 1 Orison hearing aid for the LEFT ear
  • 1 x 10A battery
  • 60 x 10A battery
  • 1 storage box
  • 3 CONE silicon eartips : S, M, L
  • 3 TULIPE silicon eartips : S, M, L
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 5 wax guards
  • 1 user manual (french, english, italian, spanish, dutch, german, polish)
  • 1 care manual (french, english, italian, spanish, dutch, german, polish)
  • For immediate use, Ready-to-Hear

* The hearing aid for those who don't want hearing aid !

Further informations : 


  • Reference Aide auditive ORISON GAUCHE + 60 piles Rayovac 10A

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