ZEN BOX 1 YEAR (60 batteries + 12 eartips)

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Opt for peace of mind with the ZEN BOX 1 YEAR offer, which contains all the accessories (batteries, eartips) necessary for a daily use of a CIC ORISON hearing aid for a full year. The ZEN BOX 1 year includes 10 packs of 6 Rayovac Proline Advanced 10a batteries (60 batteries) and 2 packs of silicone eartips (12 eartips). While the eartips are exclusively designed for ORISON, the 10a batteries are suitable for the CIC hearing aids (regardess of the brand / manufacturer). The eartips must be chosen in the type (CONE or TULIPE) and size (S, M or L) that fits your ear canal.

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Zen Box 1 year

The ZEN BOX 1 YEAR contains all the accessories (Rayovac Proline Advanced 10a batteries and silicone eartips) necessary for a daily use of your CIC ORISON hearing aid :

  • For 1 full year in case of unilateral fitting (right or left),
  • For 6 months in case of bilateral fitting (right and left).

The ZEN BOX 1 YEAR pack contains :

  • 10 packs of 6 Rayovac Proline Advanced 10a batteries (60 batteries),
  • 2 packs of silicone eartips (i.e. 12 eartips), to be chosen in the type (CONE or TULIPE) and size (S, M, L) that best suits your ear canal.

The silicone tips (12 per Zen Box)

The silicone eartips are exclusively designed for the digital, instant-fit CIC ORISON hearing aid. With the initial purchase of an ORISON hearing aid, both types of eartips (CONE and TULIPE) are provided, each in 3 sizes (S, M and L), to allow the user to find the one that suits him / her best. The eartip has a triple role :

  • To allow the perfect occlusion of the ear canal and thus ensure an ideal sound experience (role of the size, which must adapt to that of the auditory canal) ;
  • To ensure that the hearing aid remains in the ear (role of the size) ;
  • To ensure comfort during use, thanks to the flexibility of the silicone (user's feeling between the flexibility of the CONE or the extra flexibility of the TULIPE).

• The CONE eartips

The CONE eartip in size M is the one that is, by default, attached to the ORISON hearing aid at the time of initial purchase (this size is suitable for 80% of users). The CONE eartip is relatively flexible and easy to use. It provides an optimal sound experience, even if the user has not yet fully mastered the placement of ORISON in the ear canal.

• The TULIPE eartips

Made of extra soft silicone, TULIPE eartips are recommended for optimal comfort when wearing the ORISON hearing aid. Available in 3 sizes when you first buy ORISON (1xS, 1xM, 1xL), their great flexibility makes them an interesting solution for atypical ear canals (very small or bent). However, this flexibility requires a good grip on ORISON. They are equipped with a withdrawal tab that can be cut off if the user wishes.

The Rayovac 10a batteries (60 per Zen Box)

The ORISON invisible hearing aid uses 1 x 10a battery and comes with 1 x start-up battery for immediate use. The life of a 10a battery varies depending on the use you make of your hearing aid. On average, 1 Rayovac 10a battery provides 5 days to 1 week of daily use of the ORISON hearing aid. Rayovac Proline batteries are unanimously recognized as being the most efficient on the market. As such, they incorporate a set of innovative technologies that aim to ensure their longevity before use, the duration of their life during use and the constant performance of your hearing aid.

• Zinc Air Technology

Zinc Air technology maximizes battery life (up to 4 years) when not in use. Zinc Air batteries are protected by a (yellow) tab that must be removed at the time of use. When this tab is removed, the battery activates, drawing energy from the oxidation of zinc by oxygen in the ambient air. Do not remove the protective tab if you do not intend to use the battery. Be sure to turn OFF your hearing aid and store it in its box when not in use, to limit the contact of the battery with the ambient air.

• Active Core + Technology

Active Core + technology optimizes the use of air in the battery, improving battery life by 10% to 12% over time. One Rayovac Proline battery provides up to one week of daily use of your ORISON hearing aid.

• Clear Sound Technology

Clear Sound technology ensures that the battery remains stable throughout its use, allowing for consistent hearing instrument performance - optimal and reliable sound experience, clear sound - during this time

Discover the p10 Accu rechargeable batteries for the CIC ORISON hearing aid and for all CIC hearing devices, on this page.


  • Reference Zen Box 1 AN


  • Battery reference Rayovac Proline
  • Nominal voltage 1.45 Volts
  • Operating voltage 1,20 Volts
  • Conservation up to 4 years
  • Place of manufacture United Kingdom
  • Product PR70 / 10A / Yellow
  • Technology Clear Sound; Active Core +
  • Quality ISO 9001 standard
  • Environment ISO 14001: 2008 standard
  • Battery chemistry Zinc Air

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