60 Rayovac Proline PR70 / 10A / Yellow batteries

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Save 14€ on your annual battery purchases with this pack, which includes 60 Rayovac Proline Advanced PR70 / 10A / Yellow batteries for all the Completely-in-The-Canal (CIC) hearing aids, regardless of the brands or the manufacturers. Rayovac Proline Advanced 10A are not suitable for BTE hearing equipment. 1 Rayovac Proline Advanced PR70 / 10A / Yellow battery provides up to one week of daily use with an Orison hearing aid. Thus, 60 batteries provide one year of daily use with an Orison single-sided hearing aid.

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Product details

60 Rayovac Proline Advanced batteries ref. 10A

Depending on how you use your digital, instant-fit CIC Orison hearing aid, the battery life can vary from 5 days (occasional use) to one week (daily use). The "1 year" offer, which includes 60 batteries 10A / Yellow Rayovac Proline Advanced, allows one year of daily use of an Orison hearing aid. By choosing this offer, you save 14€ on the annual purchase of your batteries.

Guaranteed performance

As the market leader in button batteries for hearing aids, Rayovac is constantly innovating to ensure the longest possible battery life and consistent hearing aid performance over time. Rayovac Proline Advanced batteries incorporate a range of innovative technologies and are rigorously quality tested throughout the manufacturing process.

• Zinc Air Technology

Each Rayovac Proline Advanced battery is covered with a protective tab that maximizes its shelf life (up to 4 years). To activate the battery, remove the tab and leave the battery exposed to the air for 30 seconds, allowing the air to react with the zinc inside the battery. The hearing aid battery will gradually discharge after removing this tab. Do not remove the protective tab if you do not intend to use the battery. When you are not using your hearing instrument, turn it OFF and store it in the storage box to limit the contact of the battery with the ambient air.

• Active Core + Technology

Active Core + is a recent technology, which aims to optimize the use of air in the stack. Active Core + improves the life of the Rayovac Proline battery by an average of 10% to 12%.

• Clear Sound Technology

Rayovac hearing aid batteries incorporate a set of technologies based on innovative developments and the highest manufacturing standards. Clear Sound Technology provides consistent performance, quality and stability throughout the life of the battery and ensures a clear sound and reliable experience in any sound environment.

Guaranteed quality

Rayovac Proline Advanced batteries comply with a set of explicitly established quality criteria :

  • European manufacturing ;
  • Compliance with the most stringent ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2008 certifications ;
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process ;
  • Mercury-free ;
  • Application of the guidelines established by the American Standards Institute and the International Electrotechnical Commission ;
  • Continuous quality testing, guaranteeing product consistency : 300 tests on incoming materials during the manufacturing process;  262 quality checks during the manufacturing process ; 70 tests on the finished product, on each batch of batteries. The tests are carried out under extreme conditions of temperature, humidity and thermal cycles.

Why is Orison not rechargeable?

There are 4 reasons why Orison is not rechargeable. To date, rechargeable technology :

  • Takes up space. It is therefore available on BTEs ;
  • Needs to be recharged every night ;
  • Lose 10% to 20% of its autonomy in the first year of use ;
  • Has a cost : we do not want the Orison hearing aid to be sold at a higher price.


  • Reference 60 piles 10A Rayovac Proline Advanced
  • Condition New product


  • Battery reference Rayovac Proline 10A
  • Rated voltage 1.45 Volts
  • Operating voltage 1.20 Volts
  • Conservation Up to 4 years
  • Place of manufacture United Kingdom
  • Product Yellow / PR10 / 10A
  • Quality ISO 9001
  • Environment ISO 14001: 2008
  • Battery chemistry Zinc Air
  • Technology Clear Sound ; Active Core +

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